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Stimul : Research centre on Sanitary quality and Mycotoxins


The problem of fungi or mycotoxins coming into contact with human and animal food is receiving more and more media attention.

This media attention probably stems from a better awareness of the potential health threats posed by these compounds rather than from an increased frequency of actual problems. Over the years, the control plans implemented have, for example, shown a considerable improvement in the quality of foodstuffs consumed in Europe.

Seeds are the starting point of the entire agro-food chain. In the context of a joint project in the Scientific Interest Group STIMUL, Maïsadour Semences has undertaken extensive work in three areas :

variety selection

agronomical behaviour of hybrids

agro-environmental factors

This work has provided hundreds of data items and references Analysis of all these findings has enabled Maïsadour Semences and all players in the maize (corn) sector of the agro-food industry to take concrete steps forward:

This website presents the data collected during these studies and the most recent conclusions. Enjoy your visit!

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