Sanitary security of foodstuffs
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Sanitary quality of maize (corn) & Mycotoxins

Results of 5 years of studies

AIM of these studies

Continued improvement of the sanitary quality of maize (corn) through better knowledge of and date on mycotoxins.

The main mycotoxins are zearalenone and F. graminearum tichotecenes and fumonisins of F. section Liseola.

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In order to characterise and determine their genetic material, research scientists have developed new tools for the different stages of the maize (corn) selection pattern:

Artificial contamination

Analysis methods (Ear Visual, Sanitary condition, dosage of toxins)

Characteristics of the genetic families of maize (corn)

The seed is the essential input for any crop, the starting point for any agricultural sector and for our food. Therefore over several test series Maïsadour Semences has carried out detailed analyses of its genetic material for fusariosis and in particular F. Liseola et F. graminearum.

This work has multiple aims:

Two extensive studies have therefore been carried out since 2001 in order to provide practical solutions for the issue of maize (corn) and mycotoxins:

Assessing the tolerance of lines to fusariosis

Assessing the tolerance of hybrids


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