Sanitary security of foodstuffs
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Sanitary quality of maize (corn) & Mycotoxins

Keys for understanding


Mycotoxins are molecules produced by certain fungi when in favourable ecophysiological conditions. They can be toxic for humans and some animal species when a certain quantity is ingested.

Favourable conditions for the production of field mycotoxins

The production of toxins by strains of toxigenic fungi is not systematic and depends on many different factors. In the field, the interaction of the environment, plant and fungal strain determines the intensity of fungal and mycotoxic attack.



As fungicides are of limited effect on Fusarium, Maïsadour Semences' teams have undertaken specific research programmes in order to define the role and impact of different factors and find ways forward:

The role of genetics and creation of tolerant maize (corn) hybrids

The role of growing practices and development of suitable techniques and methods


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