Sanitary security of foodstuffs
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Mycotoxines qualite sanitaire du mas

Research Programmes

Visual readings on maize (corn) ears

Sanitary analysis of maize (corn) grains

Dosages of mycotoxins

Analysis methods
Sanitary analysis of grains (Sanitary condition)


Fusarium-infected grains were investigated in a Petri dish growing environment.

Etat sanitaire
Fusarium Liseola

Etat sanitaire
Fusarium graminearum

Line tests


Sanitary tests were carried out for progenitors inoculated on lints with F. graminearum and controls (F. graminearum test) and for progenitors inoculated on grains with F. Liseola and controls (F. Liseola test).

Harvested and dried (at 40°C maximum) ears were degrained, cleaned and separated into 1 Kg samples. The grains of maize (corn) from ears subjected to treatment in one of the blocks were gathered together in a plastic bag, with the following information noted on it: lines, type of inoculation, test location and repetition number. The sample was then kept in a cold chamber until microbiological analysis was carried out.


Hybrid tests


Sanitary conditions were also tested on hybrids harvested in the different selected plots across Europe. Samples from 80 plots were dried at 40°C maximum. They were then homogenised, divided up into samples of 1.5kg, and sent to the lab for microbiological analysis.




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