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Master of our trade

No. 1 seed producer in Western Europe

With over 20,000 hectares of production, Maïsadour Semences is the no. 1 producer of maize and sunflower seeds in Western Europe.

Our home region of the Landes fulfils the criteria for outstanding production quality. In addition, the south-west of France is one of the foremost production areas for maize in the world. This region benefits from homogenous soil types, a temperate climate and significant water resources. It is also home to the largest forest in Europe, which allows for optimal isolation conditions.

From the field to the seed dose

The mission of Maïsadour Semences production teams is to REPRODUCE hybrid prototypes created by the Research department on a large scale.

To do this, Maïsadour Semences has a network of over 600 farmer-producers and three seed dose manufacturing facilities.

These produce over 200 hybrids annually. Quality control is carried out in our two approved laboratories. As we expand internationally, Maïsadour Semences has added new production facilities, in Spain and Ukraine in particular.

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Controlling every stage from field to seed dose is a clear advantage in terms of delivering a product which fully complies with the specific requirements of each market (GM, non-GM, waxy, ...).

Seed treatment involves major industrial investment

To carry out protective seed coatings, Maïsadour Semences has high performance industrial resources :

  • an ultra-modern slurry preparation room,
  • 4 different seed treatment stations,
  • state-of-the-art control of product application: 0,001g of active ingredient uniformly applied to each grain
  • waste management procedure (dust, empty packages, etc.),
  • 1 Research Program in seed production and technology.



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