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Our core beliefs

Increasing global agricultural output is at the heart of the issues faced by our societies today. The world's population is growing by 210 000 inhabitants every day, and populations in some emergent countries are at last achieving a better quality of life. This is leading to rapid growth both in the need for food and energy and in social and environmental constraints.

The garden cannot expand forever
While our ancestors could deal with increasing food requirements by clearing land and creating more agricultural acreage, this is no longer an option today. The earth has some 13 billion hectares of land, and the preservation of remaining natural environments and primary forests is a vital necessity. This leaves just 1.5 billion hectares to produce food and adequately meet the needs of a population which will reach 8 billion people by 2015. A planet-sized garden...

Forsaking productivism and despondency in favour of innovation
At Maïsadour Semences, we are convinced that taking up this challenge involves taking the path of innovation to better use available land. Far from promoting a blinkered, productivist approach, this simply involves encouraging the use of healthy, high-performance crops, sustainable growing practices and efficient products, with the aim of producing more without harming our environment.

Seeds - the bearers of progress
Seeds can be seen as carrying potential solutions in and of themselves.
In its DNA, a seed has all the inherent characteristics of the future plant: yield potential, resistance to disease and parasites, adaptability to specific soil and climate conditions and so on. By continuing the selection process begun over 2000 years ago, further possible avenues of improvement can be explored. Unprecedented potential for innovation is being opened up through the use of the latest selection resources, from molecular marking to gene transfer.


How can we feed 8 billion people on 1.5 billion hectares of agricultural land ?

Total land mass : 13 billion hectares

In addition to their intrinsic genetic value, seeds can also provide better and cleaner crop management solutions when used un along with seed treatments. Using very small quantities of these chemicals can guarantee healthy seeds and plants, and thus secure our food supply.

Intelligent, responsible use of plant growing techniques and technologies under proper state and regulatory control is a key component of our future food supply. Let's not squander this opportunity!


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