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Non-GM purity control procedure

The non-GMO purity control procedure covers all seed production activities.

Even though the risk of contamination is extremely low, checks are carried out at every stage from in-field basic seed production through to commercial seed manufacturing.

The absence (or presence) of GMOs detected by this procedure means each bag of seed can be directed to markets which are appropriate in terms of their requirements in this respect. If, for example, Maïsadour Semences' control procedures detect GMOs in a batch of seed, this will not be put onto the French market.

This procedure enables us to respond efficiently to most of our French distributor's requirements and those of their customers - starch and semolina manufacturers and food producers. If traces of GMOs are detected, seeds are sent to other markets where this is authorised (e.g. USA) or destroyed (in the event of detection at a very early stage of the process such as the pre-basic seed, since this involves only small quantities).

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