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Earlier Precosem triggers in 2016

44% of the PRECOSEM plots had been triggered in Europe on April 12th.

The 2016 triggers:

  • are overall 11 days earlier than in 2015 and 8 days earlier compared to the usual sowing date,
  • mostly observed in the south of Iberia and Eastern Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, South of Ukraine and Russia), have enabled to sow 10 to 15 days earlier than in 2015 and the usual sowing date.

PRECOSEM plots triggered in Europe on April 12th.
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First step towards a European leader

The Maïsadour and Terrena cooperatives plan to merge their seed activities to create a European leader in the sector.

More than 290 000 research plots have been settled all over Europe this year.

The last trial of Maïsadour Semences R&D experimental network was sown the 15th of May in Moguilev.

More than 290 000 micro plots have been settled all over Europe this year.

First seed company to obtain ESTA certification outside the European Union: MAÏSADOUR Semences for its hybrid seed industrial production complex in Ukraine

MAÏSADOUR Semences seed production factory in Mogilev, Ukraine, near Dnipropetrovsk, was the first outside the European Union to be ESTA (European Seed Treatment Assurance) certified in October 2014. The seed merchant was also certified at its other two facilities, Haut-Mauco in France in June 2014 and Zaragoza in Spain in October 2014.

This certification which concerns the control of rates of dust from phytopharmaceutical products in the seeds it sells (maize, sunflower and rape seed), also signifies approval for the approach taken with regard to risk control and quality management in all MAÏSADOUR Semences factories, wherever they are located.

Download press release

Download press release

MAÏSADOUR Semences to conquer 2/3 of the European market by investing in the genomics of early dent corn

In July last MAÏSADOUR Semences signed a research partnership for early dent corn (FAO 250 to 400) with American company Nature Sources Genetics (NSG). With backing from the prestigious Cornell University, NSG will be contributing its expertise in the genetic and genome cartography of many species. Thanks to this partnership and its long-term investment, MAÏSADOUR Semences will be renewing and widening genetic diversity by investigating at the very heart of its germplasm (close to 6,000 lineages and populations of corn), the objective being to create and develop original hybrids aimed at 2/3 of the European market.

MAÏSADOUR Semences to conquer 2/3 of the European market by investing in the genomics of early dent corn

MAÏSADOUR Semences has invested € 12 million in Ukraine

MAÏSADOUR Semences has inaugurated the second segment of its plant in Mogilev (Ukraine), hoisting its production capacity to 1 million bags a year. "Despite the situation in Ukraine, construction deadlines were respected. The investment represents €12 million and the surface area of the production network has been extended from 2,600 ha to 5,000 ha for corn and from 900 ha to 1,500 ha for sunflower," says Régis Fournier, CEO of MAÏSADOUR Semences.

MAÏSADOUR Semences invests 12 million Euros in Ukraine

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