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60-years seeds expertise and a large agro-food group

We are a leading European seed producer for maize and oil seeds. With over 60 years worth of experience and expertise in bringing the benefits of advances in genetics and crop management technologies to farmers and breeders.

Today, the group is active in over 40 nations, in south-west France, across continental Europe and around the Mediterranean basin, for all our field crops hybrids.

Maïsadour Semences are acclaimed specialists who aim to play a key long-term role alongside their partners and farmers.
To achieve this, we serve our customers on the basis of our core beliefs and distinctive characteristics which make us one of a kind among seed producers :

  • Across the board expertise in seeds,
  • Combining the worlds of agriculture and life sciences to control every step from the field to the consumer's plate,
  • A committed company which is keen to develop local economic networks.

A recognized expertise in the 3 professions of seed business

Maïsadour Semences has direct control of breeding, production and marketing of its hybrids and varieties of maize, sunflower and rape seed. Customers and partners of Maïsadour Semences can be sure of perfect seed traceability and quality for the specific requirements of different market segments (non-OGM, organic, etc...), and innovative and diversified genetics. Our marketing team works in close proximity with customers. Listening to them, their networks and gathering expert knowledge of their environment.

Acting responsibly

Globalisation can lead to companies losing sight of their values and goals; Maïsadour Semences promotes a different approach. This is expressed by a desire to see economic development in its home region of the Landes in France.

This philosophy has also been carried over into our customer relations, where one of the aims is to help them build up their own local economy. You are welcome to come and visit the South West of France and see the impact of this contemporary, responsible approach in action.

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Subsidiary of a major agricultural cooperative group

Maïsadour Semences benefits from the more general expertise in agrobusiness of Coopérative Maïsadour, its majority shareholder.

Maïsadour is involved across the whole range of agricultural and agro-processing business, including agricultural supplies, cereal harvesting, animal production and regional produce. We aim to encourage synergy to boost local producers' business based on sustainable regional development values.

Maïsadour makes this expertise available to the general public through a network of specialist stores devoted to four sectors: gardening, animals, outdoor leisures and DIY.

Maïsadour Semences can draw on the support of its shareholders, to ensure total control of the agricultural production chain, from innovative seeds rich in development potential right through to the consumer's plate. Contact us!

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