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High-quality seeds

The germinative ability of a seed is a vital quality criterion for our customers and farmers. Good germinative performance leads to consistent growth of the crop - a key stage in production.

Maïsadour Semences is recognised as a top-quality seed producer. Our seeds are characterised by very high-level germinative capabilities which are well above official standard levels.

Analysis of germinative abilities under normal conditions
Average range for Maïsadour Semences
90 %
92 - 98 %
85 %
87 - 95 %





Contrôle de la qualité germinative

For stressful environments,
an additional examination is carried out to ensure good germinative vigour even in the most difficult conditions. Maïsadour Semences measures germination rates on all plots using tests in cold conditions and in water-saturated atmospheres.

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