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European research

Maïsadour Semences has been working for over 60 years to create clean, original and diversified genetic material providing added value on all markets and providing technical solutions for different agro-climatic environments and high disease pressure areas. To achieve this genetic diversity, over 15% of our annual turnover is devoted to research and variety creation.

With over 12 000 hybrids created and tested annually, and over 200 hybrids registered in 40 nations, our researchers are actively involved in progress and advances in agriculture across Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

Breeding programs in Europe

Maïsadour Semences has developed an extensive network of research stations across Europe to run its maize, rapeseed and sunflower programmes: Haut-Mauco (France), Rhodon (France), Neckarmühlbar (Germany) and Slobozia (Romania).

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Key figures R&D

  • 4 groups of breeding programs: early maize, late maIze, Sunflower, rapeseed
  • 1 Science & Technology Department
  • 1 department of Agronomic Research & Development
  • 155 people, 32 engineers and R&D managers
  • Budget: 15% of turnover
  • 22,000 hybrids under selection
  • 290,000 plots in 218 locations
  • 35,000 nursery pathways
  • Genetic ressources :
    6,700 Maïsadour Semences lines and a collection of 7,800 populations


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Over 200 agricultural experimentation locations

Agro-climatic adaptation
In-field screening of lines, hybrids and varieties is a key stage which allows genetic material to be properly identified. This screening is further improved by the broad and diverse nature of our experimental network.

With over 200 sites totalling 290 000 plots in 40 European countries, Maïsadour Semences has one of the best networks on the market for creating suitably adapted varieties, whatever the growing conditions.
The best hybrids are also characterised in terms of their value for use as animal feed, in semolina production and their processing to obtain bio-ethanol.

A committed team

Variety creation is a skill derived from our ancestors, who started observing and selecting the most useful, productive and resistant plants over 2000 years ago. The technology used may have changed over time, but the goal remains the same.

We are proud to follow in their footsteps and are aware of our important role in modern society. The 65 researchers and their teams of breeders and technicians who make up Maïsadour Semences' Research depatrtment are working for genetic progress on a daily basis.



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